The Case of the Frightened Lady | Review

Let me start my review of by saying I’m not 100% sure why the show is called The Case of the Frightened Lady? There was no noticeable “frightened lady” in the show . . however

This production is brought to you by the Classic Thriller Company, a company I’ve seen many shows of including A Judgement In Stone and Rehearsal For Murder.

The Case of the Frightened Lady centres around the ruthless murders at Mark’s Priory the home of the Lebanon family. When inspector Tanner is called in to manage the investigation he quickly discovers that nothing is quite what it seems.

The funny way the footman act, and seem to be listening to the families conversations around every corner, and they way the family physician seems to play a massive role in the running of the family home.

What is the secret they are hiding?

I must say I enjoyed the second half more than the first, I felt it was a bit dragged out but when it was good it was good!

The show was literally an all-star cast! Oliver Phelps who played George Weasley in all of the Harry Potter films plays the role of Detective Sergeant Totti in his stage debut! You wouldn’t have known this was his debut.

Along with the Harry Potter star, I was again taken back to my youth when April Pearson appeared on stage as Isla Crane! April Pearson played Michelle in the first series of Skins back in the day, completely different to her role in the is production.

Gary O’Brien who played Coronation Street nasty man Tony Gordon plays the role of Tanner the inspector who is responsible for the case of the frightened lady! A very good performance by O’Brien which suited him down to the ground!

The role of Lord Lebanon is played by Ben Nealon who I have seen in multiple productions now, his presence on stage is fantastic and he really pulls the audience in.

Cast also includes Denis Lill from Only Fools and Horses, Deborah Grant from Not Going Out, Philip Lowrie from Coronation Street and Glenn Carter who appeared in the hit musical and film Jesus Christ Superstar.

All in all, if you like a crime “who did it” story, then you will love this! As I said its a little slow in parts, but that’s only my opinion and I would 100% recommend this as a one to watch! A few bangs, shots and flashes are involved in this production so be warned!

The Case of the Frightened Lady is at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 30th June with performances every evening at 7.45pm and Matinees on Thursday & Saturday at 2.30pm. Click HERE to book!


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