Seven Drunken Nights – The Story Of ‘The Dubliners’

I’m a massive fan of Ireland and visited Dublin for the first time last year and literally fell in love! Met some of the nicest people and one of my favourite parts was the pubs and live music! So when I got an email to review Seven Drunken Nights I literally replied ASAP to say YES!

What better way to spend an evening than singing to old folk Irish songs, clapping your hands and stomping your feet! All of this happened BTW and we even had a lady jump up on stage and start dancing she was that excited!

Seven Drunken Nights brings to life the music of Ireland’s favorite sons – ‘The Dubliners’. Telling the story of a career spanning 50 years and evoking the spirit of Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, Barney McKenna, Jim McCann, Ciaran Bourke and John Sheahan, this hugely talented cast of musicians and singers bring the music of this iconic group to life.

It’s a very simple pub like set which is all that’s needed, as after all we are there for the music! And my god the music was fantastic! The narrating was shared out between Ged Graham, Danny Muldoon and Billy Barton who also sang, along with Paddy Ryan and Conor Elliott as instrumentalists and Max Grey as an ensemble member of the cast.

The way the story of the Dubliners was told was fantastic, great projections on the stage along with narration and songs which fit that time period or highs/lows for the band. I loved the guys enthusiasm for the Dubliners and the fact they are true fans and love the music.

Billy Barton is actually the son of Tommy Barton ‘The Gentleman Busker’ who was at the core of Irish music in 50’s and 60’s so he knows a lot about Irish folk along with the other cast.

Seven Drunken Nights is playing at the below theatres so ensure you book yourself a ticket HERE

The Courtyard, Hereford
Oaken gates Theatre, Telford
Princes Theatre, Clacton
Millfield Theatre, Edmonton
Charter Theatre, Preston
Hall for Cornwall, Truro
Towngate Theatre , Basildon
Caird Hall, Dundee


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