Hello and welcome to Modish Male a men’s style, grooming, travel & lifestyle blog created by me, Charlie.

This has been many years in the making. . . I have had numerous blogs in the past which I have lost interest in, but I am very passionate about the subjects this blog explores.

I was born and bred in the South East of England in a town called Brighton which I’m sure most of you have heard of, I still live in Brighton to this day and am happy to call it home.

Growing up I have always had a keen interest in fashion which I personally blame my mother for, as she is a shopaholic and always ensured I had the latest “on trend” clothes whilst growing up, so into my adult life I have had to keep up the tradition, much to my bank balances annoyance.

Along with 80% of the population I suffered with Acne in my teens, and still struggle with this to this day, so from an early age I have had a skin routine which for me changes monthly as does my skin. I think male grooming is very important to talk about, as a few years ago “Male Grooming” was a bit of a taboo subject and men would never discuss this with each other, but times have changed and I think men will soon be on the same level as women when it comes to looking after the way they look.

I have incorporated travel and lifestyle into my blog as I feel I have a very active social life and like to venture out to new places. I must say my favourite type of blog posts to read are the travel and lifestyle ones as it gives me inspiration and ideas of what and where I am going to go next.

I also have a real passion for technology which again stems from a young age, also interior design and home styling is one of my guilty pleasures so look out for “home” posts in the future.

I love the blogging community and hope to meet and speak to as many of you as possible.

Charlie – Modish Male

The story behind your blog name?

Modish means to conform or follow what is currently popular and fashionable, and Male is pretty obvious . . . . my sex. These 2 together make Modish Male.