The Real Thing REVIEW | Theatre Royal Brighton

When I heard that “The Real Thing” was coming to the Theatre Royal Brighton I was super excited as it stars Laurence Fox as the lead character Henry! Unless you have been living under a rock your whole life you must know of the Fox family! They are basically, film/tv/stage legends!

What’s it all about? 
The Real Thing was first staged in 1982 at The Strand Theatre (now the Novello Theatre) in London. The play is written by Tom Stoppard and won 2 “Best Play” awards in the UK and US when first premiered. The Real Things explores infidelity, honesty, some obscured eccentric behaviour and a lot of laughs!

Henry (Laurence Fox) plays an eccentric playwright who is having an affair with a married actress Annie (Flora Spencer-Longhurst) the awkward thing is that Annie’s actor husband Max (Adam Jackson-Smith) is actually acting in one of Henry’s plays! Also did I mention Henry’s wife Charlotte (Rebecca Johnson) is also in the play! A nightmare!

Is it real love? Is it the Real Thing? 

This play was all about the acting! No fancy sets, just a basic sofa/office set up which ensured all eyes were on the actors! I knew Laurence Fox was going to be good but he was SO good! You can’t help but become fixated on his acting! He really draws you in and his timing and facial expressions make everything 10 x better! He was truly hilarious and absolutely mad!

The mix of actual The Real Thing play vs the play within the play (if you understand me) was something I’d never seen on stage before. It really worked! A play within a play!

Billy (Kit Young) plays a character in one Henry’s play alongside Annie, and we are also introduced to Henry and Charlotte’s daughter Debbie (a wild child – who is involved in a hilarious scene!)

I would highly recommend this play if you are looking for A CLASS acting! Laurence and co were superb!

The Real Thing is at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 4th November 2017 with shows every evening at 7:45pm and matinee performances Thursday & Saturday at 2:30pm. Click HERE to book!

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