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I LOVED THIS PLAY! The best thing I’ve seen this year! Jessie Wallace, Paul Bradley & Sam Phillips were superb in this revival of Ira Levin’s thriller Deathtrap at The Theatre Royal Brighton.

Deathtrap; a truly satisfying spine-chiller . . . as soon as I read that I knew this would be right up my street!

The last few shows I have seen have been musicals so a play is just what I needed!

Deathtrap tells the story of a once-successful playwright who tries to kill the author of a brilliant new whodunit in an attempt to claim the story as his own.

This is a tricky one to review and there were so many twists and turns throughout the show which I’d hate to spoil for you! But what I can say is how GOOD it was!

Jessie Wallace famous for her role as Kat Slater in EastEnders (remember the “you ain’t my mother, yes I am” scene? (what a legend) well anyway she plays the role of Myra Bruhl the wife of struggling playwright Sidney Bruhl played by everyone’s favourite heart surgeon in Holby City Paul Bradley. Bradley was a natural in this role, and relished the character and his surroundings! It looked as though he had been playing the character for years!

Ive only ever seen Wallace as her Kat Slater character so was fantastic to see her doing something different! Her American accent was great and her crying on cue is literally incredible! For me she was the stand out star of the show!

I’ve never seen the Deathtrap film so didn’t have a clue what to expect, and my god there was a lot! Also several occasions something would make you jump out of your seat! That’s the chilling suspense!

Sam Phillips who you may recognise as Spencer Cavendish from the latest series of The Syndicate (which was a great series) plays the role of Clifford Anderson – the role is very diverse as the character changes considerably throughout the play and I must say Phillips did a great job!

Also some comedy was thrown into the mix in the form of Beverley Klein as Helga Ten Dorp who played the hilarious physic! The audience was in fits of laughter during her scenes of madness.

It was a very small cast, also starring Julien Ball as Porter Milfrim. I kind of liked the small cast as it meant everyone had their time on stage. All leading cast and equally excellent.

I would highly recommend Deathtrap! It’s the best thing I’ve seen this year!

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Deathtrap is at The Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 16th September, with shows every evening at 7.45pm and extra matinee show on Saturday at 2.30pm! Click HERE to book! Also fear not as Deathtrap is going on tour! Tue 19 – Sat 23 Sept @ Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, Tue 07 – Sat 11 Oct @ New Alexandra Theatre Birmingham & Tue 14 – Sat 18 Oct @ Richmond Theatre.

Have you seen the play? Did it shock you?



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