The Wedding Singer | Theatre Royal Brighton Review

Last night I attended the press night of The Wedding Singer “The Musical” at the Theatre Royal in Brighton! It was the casts 200th performance and was absolutely fantastic!

The show is based on the 1998 movie of the same name starring the legends that are Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore! Set in 1985 New Jersey, the towns favourite Wedding Singer Robbie (Jon Robyns) is jilted at the altar of his own wedding by his fiancé! So he makes it his mission to ensure every wedding he sings at is as disastrous as his own! Can Julia (Cassie Compton) and her best friend Holly help bring Robbie back into the limelight? Grandma Rosie (Ruth Madoc) thinks Robbie and Julia belong together however Wall Street bad boy Glenn (Ray Quinn) comes onto the scene and sweeps Julia off her feet! Will Robbie and Julia end up happily ever after?

The show was absolutely fantastic! Remember the 1998 film wasn’t a musical, so the majority of songs featured in the show are new! There are a few songs from the film, my favourite one being “Somebody Kill Me” which was hilarious! Jon Robyns who plays Robbie did a great job! Taking on a role so famously done by Adam Sandler must of been intimidating for he definitely pulled it off! One of my favourite characters has to be Holly played by Stephanie Clift, Holly is Julia’s best friend and some of her musical numbers were insanely funny!

Cassie Compton who plays Julia has a massive set of lungs on her! For such a small girl she was belting out her songs, and her voice was perfect every time. Her duets and scenes with Robyns were some of my favourite!

Julia’s finance Glen played by X-Factor’s Ray Quinn was a character you had to hate! And we all did, but my hat goes off to Quinn for his performance during this role. I knew he could dance, but he has some serious moves! Also I can’t talk about the show unless I mention Ruth Madoc who plays Robbie’s nan Rosie! She performed the song “Move That Thang” with Samuel Holmes who plays George, and I can only describe it as a 00’s PJ & Duncan! Gangster Nan! Also look out for her gymnastics across the stage during the song (laughing to myself)

The show ended with a standing ovation which was very well deserved! All of the ensemble cast did a great job, and were very involved with the show, each of them playing a multiple of characters. No wonder the show is such a hit! You can really tell the actors love there jobs!

The Wedding Singer is at the Theatre Royal Brighton until 2nd September 2017 with shows every evening at 7.45pm and matinees on Wednesday/Saturday at 2.30pm & Friday at 5pm. Click HERE to book tickets to this hilarious comedy musical!


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