The Winslow Boy Review

Last night I saw the revival of Terence Rattigan’s 1946 classic family drama The Winslow Boy at the Theatre Royal Brighton!

Based on real life events, the show follows the Winslow family who are being pulled apart by the repercussions of their son Ronnie’s Royal Navy College expulsion for stealing!

I can’t even begin to talk about this review without first stating how hilarious Dorothea Myer-Bennett was in her portrayal of Catherine Winslow! I really didn’t expect the play to be as funny as it was, but Myer-Bennett really made it for me! She really reminded me of Catherine Tate during certain scenes. Catherine Winslow is a suffragette and is all about women’s rights, so when her father Arthur Winslow played by Aden Gillett enlists the help of top lawyer Sir Robert Morton played by Timothy Watson who has very different ideas as to how a woman should act, Catherine is clearly not happy with her father’s decision! But over the play you see how both of their attitudes change!

Only Fools & Horses legend Tessa Peake-Jones plays the role of Grace Winslow, wife to Arthur and mother to her 3 children, Dickie the jack the lad of the family, who lives for his weekends, Catherine the women rights suffragette and the infamous Winslow Boy himself Ronnie! Peak-Jones was great in her role, and was very relatable and showed how a mother would do anything to protect her children! Which I can totally relate to, being 1 of 3 your mum always has your back and will support you no matter what you may or may not have done!

Soo Drouet plays the role of Violet the house maid to the Winslows and has some fantastic comedy lines, also interesting to see the dynamics of the difference in classes and how Violet is seen as one of the family. Theo Bamber plays Dickie Winslow and again adds comedy gold to the play with his jack the lad demeanour! I thought casting was excellent and each actor really suited the role they were playing perfecting, it really did look like a real family on stage . . . some what dysfunctional at times!

The staging was very simple, which is all this play really needed. No special effects of lighting trickery it was all about the actors telling the story. I truly through the play was fantastic and would recommend it in a heart beat! It’s both funny and heart warming at the same time.

The cast was excellent, and the story itself is great. I’ll be sure to check out the movie and adaption of The Winslow Boy as would be very interesting to see how they differ to the stage show.

The Winslow Boy is at Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 28th March with performances every evening at 7.45pm and Matinees on Thursday & Saturday at 2.30pm. Click HERE to book!


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