Wonderland | Theatre Royal Brighton

Last night I attended the press night of Wonderland! The all singing, all dancing production is based on the book by Gregory Boyd & Jack Murphy and has been adapted for stage by Robert Hudson!

I’m not really a massive Alice In Wonderland fan . . . and don’t think I’ve actually seen any Alice themed films the whole way through, but I knew this would be different as its only an adaption of Alice In Wonderland.

I though the staging was fantastic, and the transitions were seamless! I loved how they made the rabbit hole look by using lighting to make it look as though it was getting smaller which I thought was fantastic. 1 particular scene stands out to be which was the lift scene when Alice (Kerry Ellis), Ellie (Naomi Morris & Jack (Stephen Webb) all sing together.

Probably the best thing about this production is the cast! I could not fault anyone’s performance, the singing was incredible. In particular Alice played by Kerry Ellis who outside of the theatre has made a name for herself as a successful recording artist, Ellis kind of reminded me of Celine Dion while she sang, and Kate Winslet when she spoke.

Also the Mad Hatter played by Natalie McQueen was equally fantastic, her facial expressions and acting while singing would not look out-of-place on a London West End stage! She played young Eponine is Les Mis on the West End when she was younger, and that’s one of my favourite ever musicals!

The best musical number in my eyes was that of Alice and The White Rabbit singing “I Am My Own Invention” which again would not look out-of-place on a West End stage! The White Rabbit is played by the legend that is Dave Willetts who was the first ever person in the WORLD to play leading roles of 2 of the most successful musicals of all time Les Mis & Phantom of the Opera.

Also not forgetting the hilarious Kayi Ushe as the Caterpillar, Coronation Street legend Wendi Peters as the Queen of Hearts who can bloody sing! And all the ensemble cast (who as I say every time I see a show with a large crew) kept the show going and added that extra something to it!

I saw a few children at the show who seemed to be enjoying the modern twist on the classic story, so would be perfect for families who are looking for a show to take the kids to in half term perhaps.

Wonderland is at Theatre Royal Brighton until Sunday 4th June with shows every evening at 7:30pm and 2 matinees Thurs/Sat/Sun at 2.30pm. Click Here to book.


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