Breakfast At Tiffany’s | Theatre REVIEW

Last night I saw Truman Capote’s stage production of Breakfast at Tiffany’s at the Theatre Royal Brighton. The story was made famous by Audrey Hepburn who starred in the iconic 1961 film, and has now been given a new lease of life on stage!

Starring none other than FHM’s 98th Sexiest Women of 2015 Georgia May Foote as leading lady Holly Golightly! You will most likely recognise May Foote for her portrayal of Katy Armstrong in the long running ITV soap Coronation Street (2010-15) and as 2015 runner-up on the BBC celebrity Strictly Come Dancing (2015).

Matt Barber best known for his role as Atticus Aldridge in the ITV period drama Downton Abbey (2014-15) plays the role of Fred, and Victor McGuire the Goodnight Sweetheart legend plays the role of bartender Joe Bell! I absolutely love McGuire as Jack in Goodnight Sweetheart and often see him food shopping in Brighton so presume he’s local!


Adapted by Pulitzer Prize finalist and Tony and Olivier Award-winning playwright Richard Greenberg and directed by Nikolai Foster this classic tale tells the story of good-time girl Holly Golightly living in 1940s New York City! With no real job, she relies on earning money by socialising with wealthy men, who she hopes one day she will marry! Narrated by a man she decides to name Fred (after her brother) who lives in the same brownstone apartment block as her in Manhattan‘s Upper East Side watch how the story unfolds!

I have never actually seen the 1961 film which I’m pretty glad about, as I had nothing to compare it too so was all fresh and new! I’ve read a few negative articles from tabloids re the show which I really do NOT understand, I thought the show was absolutely fantastic! And couldn’t fault it in any way. Great story and a great cast!


I thought May Foote was absolutely sensational as Holly Golightly! I wasn’t too sure what to expect accent wise as I’ve only ever seen her appear in programs with her natural North West England accent but literally she did amazingly well as an American county girl and didn’t lose it a single time! Often reminding me of Marilyn Monroe with the voice and blond hair! The character of Holly Golightly is a very ditzy and flirty one and May Foote covered all areas! Also her singing voice! WOW I really did not see that coming! She really hits the “American Country Girl” singer on the head with the 2 songs she performs including Moon River!

Matt Barber was the perfect actor for the role of Fred as he narrated the show with such enthusiasm and hilarity! The chemistry between characters Holly and Fred was absolutely great which seemed to come very naturally. I didn’t think I was going to see past Victor McGuire as Jack in Goodnight Sweetheart but I did and his role as Joe the bartender although minor did seem to glue the story together.


Melanie La Barrie brought some comedy to she show as Mme Spanella the not so great roller-skater and fellow resident of brownstone apartment, and friend of Holly Golightly Mag the stuttering mess portrayed by Naomi Cranston was hilarious.

Another 2 characters which made me laugh were Jose (Charlie De Melo) and Yunioshi (Andrew Joshi) other cast include Robert Calvert as Doc, David Cardy as O J Berman (who may I say had a great accent) and Tim Francis as Rusty! And as always the theatre wouldn’t be the theatre without the unsung heroes that are the ensemble cast – Katy Allen & Andy Watkins.

I cannot finish this review without mentioning Bob the cat! Yes a real live cat is in the show! It was so funny to see this cat who made no eye contact with the audience and just seemed to get on with his scenes (the odd jumping out of the window, and walking across the stage!) He’s actually a big star having appeared in numerous television programmes, films and adverts!


The theatre was basically at its full capacity (minus the seats behind the pillars which no one goes for!) and a huge round of applause was given at the end of the show which in my opinion was well-earned! Georgia May Foote should be proud of her performance as myself and the whole of the Brighton audience that night loved it! The staging was also fantastic, and the transitions between set moves was counteracted by narration and music!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 29th October (evening shows 7:45pm & Matinees Weds, Thurs & Sat 2:30pm) before moving on to the Belfast Grand Opera House 31 – 05 Nov 2016, Cardiff New Theatre 07 – 12 Nov 2016 and Norwich Theatre Royal 14 – 19 Nov 2016 so make sure you book your tickets now to avoid disappointment!


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