Murdock Hair Styling & Cologne Favourites

If you’ve been a reader of Modish Male for a while you will have read my Murdock London post I did back in October 2016 which is when I first started going to Murdock for haircuts! Since then I have seen Charlie my barber many times who always does a fantastic job!

Whenever I get my hair cut at Murdock, my hair is always washed and styled with their own “Murdock” products, which smell insane and always leave my hair feeling and looking great.

Today I’m going to be talking about 2 of my favourite products, the Matt Mudd and probably the best hair product I have ever used in my entire life the Sea Salt Spray! (no I’m not exaggerating – it truly smells amazing and is the best sea salt spray EVER) I will also be giving you a little overview of some of the Murdock Cologne’s.

First up we have the Matt Mudd which is a shaping clay designed to give definition and texture which I can confirm does! Not only does this product smell amazing, it feels great in the hair! NO stickiness and even after it being in your hair all day there is NO irritation. Plus a little goes a long way so this product will last you a long time!

Now lets talk about my holy grail hair product! The Sea Salt Spray! If someone was to say “Charlie pick 1 hair product to use for the rest of your life?” I would 100% say the Murdock London Sea Salt Spray! I have used so many salt sprays in my time and this just ticks every single box! Doesn’t get sticky on your hands or hair, smells amazing which is down to its ingredients of Tangerine, Orange, Lemon oils and natural Sea Salt and is so easy to work with when blow drying your hair. I honestly LOVE this product and it gets the Modish Male seal of approval!


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