Swisse Vitamin D3 AKA The Sunshine Vitamin

You may have seen my post a while ago about Australia’s #1 multivitamin and food supplement brand Swisse where I spoke about which vitamins I was taking and the benefits (you can read this here)

I am still using those Swisse vitamins to this day but have also now introduced the Vitamin D supplement into my morning routine as the benefits are endless!

Public Health England recently announced that 10ug of vitamin D is the recommended daily dose for all ages, for healthy musculoskeletal development . . . but to obtain 10ug of vitamin D via food would mean you needed to eat one of the following every morning!

  • 7 or 8 small yogurt tubs with a 2-3 punnets of berries
  • Plain omelette made with 10 or 11 eggs
  • 10 bowls of vitamin D fortified cereal with 2-3 glasses of fortified orange juice

Now that is a lot of food! A. not everyone has time to prepare that kind of breakfast & B. I think I would feel sick eating that much in the morning! So the BEST alternative is to take 1 capsule of Swisse Vitamin D3 which contains the highest strength dose of vitamin D, in the Swisse range! SIMPLE!

What are the benefits of Vitamin D I hear you ask? Well here are a few!

  • Helps the body to absorb and use calcium & phosphorus.
  • Contributes to normal blood calcium levels.
  • Maintains normal muscle function.
  • Maintains normal immune system function.

I got the opportunity to ask Nutritionist & Swisse Ambassador Rick Hay some questions re Swisse, Vitamin D and the benefits of taking them –

Are you still able to take the Vitamin D supplement if you live in hotter sunny climates with natural Vitamin D? “Yes you can but you may not need it at the height of summer although I would recommend it if you are not getting enough sunlight or if you are wearing sunscreen – those with darker skins have a greater need for supplementation also.”

Are there any obvious Vitamin D deficiency symptoms for people to look out for? “Yes weaker bones, weaker teeth – immune system problems and even low mood and lethargy.”

How many of your patients would you say are actively taking Vitamin D supplements? “I recommend it to all of them but I would say about three-quarters of them take it – clients often ask me about it as it has been in the news a lot and is now one of the most known of the vitamin deficiencies.”

What would you say are the core Swisse Vitamins every person should be taking on a daily basis? “I love the Ultivite range – there is a product for all ages and both sexes. I think that this puts back in the body the minerals that the soils may be missing combined with good doses of the vitamins we require to feel our best. I love that there are botanicals in the formulas too as these give the supplements a boost with increased antioxidant levels.”

“I also like the Weight Control product as so many people have problems with cravings – the combo of the Konjac Root with the chromium really helps with this and portion control and with feelings of fullness.The Hair Skin and Nails formula does exactly what it says on the label – my clients love it and the sleep formula is great as well to help people switch off.”

“I could go on as I truly love so many but will end on saying that I love the immune boosters.The Immune + Elderberry Formula with vitamin C, zinc, copper and Elderberry and the Grape Seed Extract are great to take as an insurance policy throughout winter – and also to reduce the length and severity of colds.”

“P.S. The Astaxanthin in the Krill oil is one of the strongest antioxidants I know and the EPA/DHA in the Fish Oil is high too.”

I hope the questions I asked Rick have helped you to understand why Vitamin D is so important and why we need it in our everyday life. I now really want to try the Swisse vitamins Rick has suggested, especially the Weight Control supplements as I suffer real bad with cravings!

The Swisse Ultiplus High Strength Vitamin D3 25ug – (100 Capsules) are exclusively available at Boots for £14.99 (cheaper than going on holiday every few weeks to get the same Vitamin D from the SUN!)


*A big THANK YOU to Rick Hay for his input with this post**


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