Week 2 Complete – 21 DAYS TO #FEELIT with Virgin Active

Ok so here we are again! Week 2 is now over and I’m feeling GOOD! Who knew exercise and healthy eating could make you feel so good about yourself. I feel fitter, my skin seems to have cleared up a little and I’m bloody proud of how much I have been doing, it’s actually starting to give me a buzz.

My stats haven’t changed much this week, but this week I have done the most exercise which annoys me a little but like I said I feel really good about myself so I’m looking past the numbers (they say muscle weighs more than fat, so that’s what I’m going with)

Anyway I said I was going to share my stats every week, so here they are! Like I said not much has changed but my physically stamina and outlook really has –

Current Stats:

  • Weight: 14st 11lb / 93.9kg | I have LOST 1lb – so half a stone since starting!
  • Height: 5’11” | still the same height obvs!
  • BMI: 29.6 | down by 0.3
  • Body Fat: 26.7% | stayed the same
  • Body Fat Mass: 24.4kg | stayed the same

I had PT sessions on Tuesday & Thursday this week and absolutely LOVED them, the fact I’m learning new exercises and finding out which things help certain parts of my bloody is SO good and just what I wanted. We are still doing circuits so short interval rests and hardcore training which is tough but the feeling you get once a session is finished is something I’ve never felt before.

Tuesday was all about the lunge and legs, but I think I over did it and really hurt my left thigh so was recovering with Deep Freeze which helped a lot! But by Thursday I was still having issues so we gave the legs a rest and worked on my CORE! Well lack of really as I couldn’t even do a press up without shaking, but by the end of the session I was planking and doing all sorts! (I could barely get up at the end of the session, but that shows its working!)

Dean my PT at Virgin Active Brighton is absolutely fantastic, motivational and can kind of tell when your about to die as switches things up and changes the circuit as we go on to ensure the best outcome (e.g. not being taken off to A&E haha)

I’ll be so sad when the 21 days is over as I’m enjoying it so much and have a new-found LOVE for working out and feeling good!

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram as I’ve been sharing some gym activity on my Insta Stories! And again thank you for your support and motivation wether it be blog comment, tweet or Insta comment!



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