Lush CHRISTMAS Blogger Event 2016

I’ll be the first to admit, I thought Lush was all about the Bath Bombs and Glitter! But there is so much more to it! I was invited to the Christmas Launch in Crawley last night and got to find out more about Lush, what they stand for and ultimately to view there new Christmas range, which there is a lot of!



In the past I have only ever used a few Lush products, mainly stuff which has been brought for me and also on a few occasions I have purchased items for friends and family (Bath Bombs) which is probably why whenever someone mentions Lush I instantly think Bath Bombs and glitter.

The guys at Crawley Lush – Mark, Elena and Laura invited myself and several other local bloggers into store to view the new Christmas range, and to have a go making some of the products! It was a great evening and I got to meet some new local bloggers which is always good fun!


Elena who was worked at Lush for 5 years spoke to myself and a few other bloggers about the Lush jellies, how they are used and what new scent’s and flavours they had in for this years festivities! You can really tell all of the staff have a great passion for the brand and literally know the ins and out of every product!

Laura was on hand to give us a chance to make our very own “Butter Bear” bath bomb! I never did get round to it, as had to slip off early before my car was going to be impounded in the car park! Don’t worry it wasn’t! And Mark played the role of “Mad Scientist” with his Bath Bomb explosions! As you can see below!


Every single item I smelt or tested out I literally wanted to taste, which some may find strange but if you have ever smelt a Lush product you would know exactly what I mean! But I was warned by Elena that the only edible product was the Lip Scrub haha!



The Christmas range looks absolutely great, and would make the perfect stocking fillers for friends and family! I know for a fact I will be doing a lot of Christmas shopping at Lush this year! Also I will be seeing what items I can buy from Lush to replace some of my high-end skin care I currently use, as Lush prices are so reasonable, and the products have such great ingredients in them.



Thanks again Elena, Laura & Mark at Lush Crawley for hosting such a great evening, for introducing me to new local bloggers and for my goody bag! See you very soon!

Click Here to shop the Lush Christmas Collection!



  1. October 2, 2016 / 12:38 pm

    Considering Lush is perceived to be very female orientated, I still find myself using a few of the products.

    • October 2, 2016 / 12:40 pm

      Yeah I have never really been a massive fan, simply because I didn’t know what they sold! Completely converted now!

  2. October 2, 2016 / 1:42 pm

    It’s only recently I’ve started to venture in to Lush but I must say I do love their products – they make such great gifts too and everything is ethical so that’s another bonus! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of the new stuff.

    • October 2, 2016 / 2:19 pm

      Yeah they said how it’s all ethically sourced! I swear I was getting high on Lushness while I was in there lol!

    • October 5, 2016 / 7:50 am

      I’m yet to try a bath bomb! But I have a day off next week so going to chill and use one! Great photos BTW in your post!

  3. Abbie
    October 5, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    I always become ridiculously excited to go into lush and even more so when the Christmas stuff takes over the shop!!

    • October 6, 2016 / 11:25 am

      I’ve never really been a fan until the event! As I didn’t actually know what they did lol!

  4. Kayleigh Zara
    October 5, 2016 / 8:34 pm

    I went to the Milton Keynes event and it was such a great event! It’s great you had a nice time, I’m really loving the new Christmas bath bombs X

    • October 6, 2016 / 11:26 am

      Yeah I’m going to be using a bath bomb for the first time next week!

  5. October 5, 2016 / 8:46 pm

    Would love to do something like this the products look lush 😉 Pixie xx

    • October 6, 2016 / 11:27 am

      Contact your local store and let them know you blog, they can add you to any blogger lists and hopefully invite you to any future events!

  6. October 21, 2016 / 9:17 pm

    What a fab visit, I must say I’m more about the bath bombs from lush than anything else but my sister bought me one of their hand creams for Christmas last year and I loved it! q

    • October 22, 2016 / 7:56 am

      Yeah I didn’t realise how much stuff they actually did! Some great solid pieces for traveling which is always good!

  7. November 4, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    I haven’t been to Lush for ages (I don’t live near one, but used to pop in when I was off something). I might have to check over their website and treat myself to some Christmas goodies 🙂

    • November 4, 2016 / 9:26 pm

      Yeah do it! There’s no better time to treat yourself that Christmas time!

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