How the Other Half Loves Review

I was having one of those Monday’s this week where all you want to do is sit at home in the warm and feel sorry for myself, but instead I went to see Alan Ayckbourn’s “How the Other Half Loves” at the Theatre Royal in Brighton which was truly hilarious!

What’s It all about?
Originally a 1969 play by playwright Alan Ayckbourn, “How The Other Half Loves” tells the story of Bob and Fiona’s awful attempt at hiding their affair from their spouses! They embark on a disastrous cover story involving the sweet and naive William and Mary Featherstone but will Teresa and Frank work out there other half’s are having an affair? This hilarious comedy shows a divide in class,  relationships and love.

I love love loved the way the stage was set, you’re essentially watching 2 couples in their own homes on the same stage. The stage wasn’t split 50/50 it was more a mishmash which I think made things work and flow so much better! The verbal dialogue was fantastic, as one couple would finish a sentence the other couple would start talking so the flow was fantastic! How they didn’t end up speaking over each other or bumping into one another I’ll never know!

I LOVED Sara Crowe! She plays the role of “Mary Featherstone” and had me in stitches throughout! From the sound of her voice, to the way she moved! Everything she did was making the audience laugh! “William Featherstone” her on stage husband was played Matthew Cottle and the 2 together were a dream team! They literally looked like a real life couple, so awkward and weird in the best way possible.

Bob & Teresa were played by Leon Ockenden (bad boy stalker from Coronation Street) and the legend that is Charlie Brooks most famous for playing number 1 BITCH Janine Butcher in Eastenders who killed poor old Barry! Teresa starts to become suspicious of Bob’s late night rendezvous and starts to piece the puzzle together! Both characters were hilarious and extremely relatable.

The “Posh” couple Frank & Fiona Foster were played by Robert Daws & Caroline Langrishe who played the roles extremely well! Very stereotypical but that’s what we wanted to see in a comedy. Frank’s character had the audience in stitches as he was none the wiser to who was having the affair!

If you’re looking for a comedy for the whole family then How the Other Half Loves is for you! Mum, Nan, Grandad, Sister, Boyfriend, Friend everyone can relate to one of the characters! Another great re-creation of an Alan Ayckbourn masterpiece.

How the Other Half Loves is at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday with shows every evening at 7.45pm and matinees Thurs/Sat at 2.30pm.Click HERE to book tickets! A comedy for all ages!


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