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Rain Man is quite honestly the best show I have seen in 2018! Mathew Horne was absolutely exceptional in his role as Raymond who has savant syndrome (autism), the play was hilariously emotional and got a well deserved standing ovation!

Whats it About? Rain Man is based on the Oscar-winning film of the same name, which starred Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, which went on to win Oscar’s for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Actor. I haven’t actually seen the film yet, but I have just checked and its on Netflix! So that’s my evening sorted!

When Charlie Babbitt the dodgy car salesman learns that his estranged father has died, dollar signs start to ring! As his only son he thinks the $3 million fortune in his! Little does he know that he has an older brother who was put into an institution many years ago!

Raymond has savant syndrome (autism) and has a strict routine of meals times, what TV programmes he likes and his strict 11pm lights off bed time! However all of this changes once Charlie finds out where the institution is and tracks Raymond down.

Charlie is looking for half of the $3 million fortune which he thinks he is entitled to, and after failing to get this out of Raymond’s doctor Dr. Bruner he takes it into his own hands and takes Raymond, to eventually attempt to gain custody of his brother to get control of the money.

After spending the week with Raymond which included a card counting night out in Las Vegas, learning to dance and realising his childhood imaginary friend Rain Man was actually in fact Ray-Mond and wasn’t imaginary after all! Will emotionless Charlie still feel the same about the money?

Modish Male – “Rain Man is honestly the best show I have seen in 2018! Mathew Horne and Ed Speleers are exceptional! Hilariously emotional and everything in-between!”

The Show – Mathew Horne plays the role of Raymond Babbit, Horne is best known for playing Gavin in the hilariously funny double BAFTA winning comedy series Gavin and Stacey! Horne played this role exceptionally well, one of the best performances I have seen on stage! When I realised who was cast in this, I wasn’t sure what Horne would be like with an American accent but I can confirm he was excellent in every way.

Ed Speleers plays the role of Charlie Babbit and is best known for his role in Golden Globe award-winning series Downton Abbey! He played the role of selfish wheeler-dealer Charlie very well, and his character changes throughout the show, once he gets to know his long-lost brother his attitude completely changes so you see a completely different side to him and the character.

In my reviews I normally talk about what the stage looked like, what special effects the show included but to be honest this show was all about the acting! Horne and Speleers were fantastic and I cannot say a bad word about any of it, other than how much I loved it!

The fact a show can make you laugh one minute and cry the next shows just how good it really is! The mental disability story line must have been a hard one to bring to stage, and it had just the right amount of funny to serious. I have a newfound respect for people with autistic disabilities as from watching a 2 hour show I seemed to learn so much.

I cannot recommend Rain Man enough! You need to see this before it’s too late! The actors performances are incredible!

Rain Man is at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 20th October 2018. Shows Monday – Saturday at 7.45pm, and matinee shows Thursday & Saturday at 2.30pm. Click HERE to book your tickets for this incredible show! If you see anything in 2018 let it me Rain Man!


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