Let’s Talk: Migraines

Welcome to the new series here on Modish Male, “Let’s Talk” where I talk about random things which are on my mind, or I feel maybe interesting to discuss!

Migraines . . . yep I said it! Those bastard things which have been ruining my life for years! From since I can remember I have suffered from them and I literally don’t know why?

I have been to the GP on many occasions for them, and have self diagnosed myself on Google probably the same amount of times . . . quite frankly I’m surprised I’m alive as Google has told me I’m close to death so many times.

I used to take Amitriptyline daily for my migraines which at a 10mg dosage per day is a migraine preventative . . . they seemed to help a little (made the migraines less often) but still didn’t resolve them, and I was later told by my GP that I should try to stop taking them as they can become addictive as at a higher dosage they are used as antidepressants. So I stopped taking them which didn’t affect me in the slightest.

So once I stopped taking them, the migraines returned on a weekly basis, so back to the GP which is when I was introduced to Sumatriptan, which are literally the BEST things ever . . but again they don’t stop the migraines they just help get rid of them!

I don’t really know whats in Sumatriptan and I don’t really want to know, they literally knock me out and I have to sleep them off. I just hope I don’t become immune to them . . I think I may already have become a little immune as they don’t work as well and I sometimes have to take 2!

What causes them? (I haven’t got a clue) I get them while at work (so could be stress) but then I can get them at home while chilling out? I always get them when I have something exciting coming up (so annoying!) or sometimes I just wake up with them.

There are different level of migraines . . . you can get a generic headache, which will go if you take a few pain killers, or you can get a big boy migraine which I get every month. These are vomit inducing migraines, I have had to stop my car on a main road before to be sick! They go on for days!

I probably get 3 headaches per week, 1 migraine every 2 weeks and a big boy every month! Its shit and literally ruins my day! I just hope one day there will be a cure!

Do you suffer? What do you take? Have you been told to avoid food/drinks?

Would love to hear from you!



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