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Since September 2018, Fishersgate Amateur Boxing Club which is a family run boxing club in Sussex has been running a Baggy Top Boxercise class for people who are overweight or who lack confidence, self-belief and motivation to keep fit, of which I have been attending!

I have always been interested in boxing as a sport, I love watching it on the TV but never thought I would actually start doing it myself until this class came about! No way in hell would I have had the confidence to walk into a boxing gym (with actual boxers, as A. I wouldn’t have a clue what I was doing (I still don’t fully understand all the stances and punches but it’s not about that, it’s about giving it a go!) and B. I am super unfit and would feel inferior to the boxers who have done this for years, but Fishersgate have made this possible.

I absolutely hate going over to the weights area at my gym, as I feel I am instantly judged by the fit people, looking at themselves in the mirror as they lift weights, but at Baggy Top no one is judged!

It’s a fantastic class run by 2 coaches, Dale who unfortunately has a broken stop watch, so if you are doing an exercise for 1 minute, its likely to last 2! And Joe who normally joins in on the fun and gives motivation to all! Each week the circuits and activities change so it never gets boring, and you can literally feel every muscle in your body being worked!

The class is all about pushing yourself and improving week after week, which everyone in the class is doing, the health and fitness of those who attend is 100% improving! When I first started, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, how to punch and my stamina was awful! However now I am able to keep up and push myself to the limit every week!

The class is a mix of men and women of all different shapes, sizes and levels who all get along and have a great laugh along the way! Also, it’s not all boxing, a lot of what we do is fitness, so circuits play a big part of each session along with a warm up and cool down at the beginning and end of each session.

Fishersgate is not a high street gym, you do not have to commit to a year’s membership, just turn up on a Thursday night at 7pm, pay £5 (which is an absolute bargain!) and join in! The class is for 1 hour; however, Dale loves to give us our monies worth, so it sometimes runs over, and gloves are provided if you don’t have your own!

I pay over £100 per month for my gym membership, and none of the classes I attend are as good as the Baggy Top Boxercise class Fishersgate Boxing run!

If you have any questions re the class, just let me know and I can answer them for you! And if you plan on coming let me know! You won’t regret it!

Fishersgate Amateur Boxing Club
Carlton Terrace
West Sussex
BN41 1XF

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“I can’t stress how much how amazing Dale is. As someone who is over weight and very self-conscious it not easy to walk into some where like a boxing gym. Before I even went to my first baggy top class Dale was messaging me encouraging me. The class is great. Dale & Joe are so supportive. The perfect place for anyone who feels uncomfortable exercising in public. Highly recommended!”

“Really enjoyed my first class, looking forward to next week!”

“Thank you for setting this up. Amazing atmosphere, laughter due to camaraderie… there’s a glitch in the stop watch! 😂 and lots of encouragement from the trainer and attendees”

“I never thought for a moment I would ever walk into a boxing club. Being overweight and lacking self-confidence I came the first week feeling extremely nervous and not looking forward to it. How wrong could I be. I LOVE IT! I look forward to Thursday’s and have such a laugh. My fitness levels have improved massively and the inches are slowly disappearing. Massive thank you to Dale and Joe for running this brilliant class and making everybody feel welcome”

“Thank you Dale,Joe and Lana for a great introduction to baggy tops! Had a great time! What a lovely group of people! See ya next week🥊🥇

“Had a great first session last night …. good to meet some lovely people .. thanks guys 🏃‍♀️💪💪🥊🥊

“Always a good night Thursday , always different and always a laugh and I am starting to see a difference 😁 well done Dale & Jo 👏🏼👏🏼 thanks for doing it”



  1. Mark
    October 2, 2019 / 9:36 am

    Hi my name is mark , is this class still going , me and my brother would really be interested in this class

    • October 2, 2019 / 7:02 pm

      Hi Mark, what’s your email? Or Twitter/instagram? I can tell you about it!

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