Malmaison Brighton – Dare To Be Different

Finally a bit of luxe at Brighton’s Marina! After its £5 million renovation I am so happy to say we now have a Malmaison in Brighton and what better location than the ever-growing and popular Marina!

I’ve lived in Brighton my whole life, and have seen the transformation of the Marina over the years, and have seen many things come and go but for me the Malmaison is a much-needed addition to the Brighton Marina.

Malmaison Brighton put on a Cocktails & Canapés by Sunset evening a few weeks ago for us bloggers to celebrate the renovations! It was a great evening where I got to meet some new bloggers and got to catch up with bloggers I already knew . . . Holly from Closing Winter I’m talking to you! But most importantly got to see the truly stunning hotel which I didn’t want to leave!

Just picture a London boutique hotel but with sea views, that’s exactly what you’re getting with the Malmaison Brighton! Luxury and sea air what more can you ask for!

We had a tour of one of the sea view rooms which had everything you could ask for! A sea view obviously, plus a small balcony and every amenity possible. Whenever I visit a hotel it’s all about the bed and bathroom, both of which were fantastic in this hotel! The personalised Malmaison shower gels were a particular favourite of mine (I was super happy to have one of these in my goody bag I went away with, which will take pride of my place in my shower at home!)

Brighton Marina really needed a funky boutique hotel and that’s exactly what they got. Instead of recommending city centre hotels to my friends visiting Brighton I will now be telling them to check out the Malmaison.

The Malmaison staff were excellent in showing us around the premises and answering any questions we had . . . I had loads as I had previously visited the hotel as The Seattle which it was prior to Malmsaion taking over so I was very interested re the changes. Before the Malmasion took over, the hotel was very basic and corporate so the changes are vast.

Obviously room prices vary depending on size and location (sea view etc.) also depending on what month the prices are likely to go up like any other hotel but I would definitely say its worth paying that little extra for the luxuries this hotel has.

Yes the rooms are great, but lets also talk about the FOOD and DRINK! The Malmasion welcomes non-guests to use the bar and dining facilities so if you’re ever in Brighton you must check it out! I was driving so only had 1 alcoholic beverage and a mocktail, both of which left me wanting more as they tasted so good.

The Canapés were a selection of mini dishes from their actual menu so I can 100% tell you the food is OFF THE CHAIN! Not ashamed to say I tried every dish . . . . about 10 times! The chicken was my absolute favourite! “Where is Charlie?” Oh he’s eating . . kind of how the night went!

I spend most weekends at the Marina as I’m an avid cinema goer and although we have a lot of choice for restaurants, the actual bars are limited so I’m definitely going to be spending my weekends in the summer on the terrace at Malmasion sipping on something refreshing!

The restaurant has a caged section in the middle of the restaurant with seats 12 so I’m planning on booking this for my birthday in July! But I’m 100% going to be dining at Malmaison before then!

If you’re in Brighton or looking for somewhere to stay, I would highly recommend the Malmaison, great location due to the multi-story car park connected to the walkway of the hotel and the Marina has an abundance of activities to enjoy!

For more info and to book a stay at Malmaison Brighton click HERE.

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  1. April 16, 2017 / 11:09 am

    I’ve never visited or stayed at a Malmaison before but now i’m wondering why!

    • April 16, 2017 / 4:32 pm

      So nice man! Definitely worth a visit if you have one local!

  2. May 31, 2017 / 4:55 pm

    I missed this post previously Charlie, it looks lovely! I shall have to add this to the list for when I am next in Brighton..

    • May 31, 2017 / 10:56 pm

      It’s definitely worth a visit! Let me know when your next down and we can get a beer!

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