TOPPBOX – Subscription Box for The Modern Man

You’ve probably seen me rant on Twitter about people reviewing things 5 minutes after getting them and saying how amazing they are without actually giving them a REAL try! That’s not me! I got sent my TOPPBOX back in the beginning of March and have been using the products since so have given them a real good go!

The concept is simple . . . when you sign up online you have to answer several questions which will then personalise the box to the individual, a great idea if you ask me! Below is an example of a few of the questions asked –

Age, Style, Skin Type etc. so instead of being sent a product which is no good to your skin as it’s for oily and you have dry skin, this eliminates the risk and ensures the products are actually products you are going to want to try.

Now for the fun stuff! Let’s see what I actually got in my box!

Mount Purious Rosewater Facial Toner

I have religiously used this every day since getting it! I have even stopped using my moisturiser and now only use this! I’m a freak when it comes to packaging so love that fact this toner comes in a GLASS bottle! You heard me right GLASS! Packaging goals if you ask me! Anyway back to the product! It smells amazing and does exactly what is says on the tin! Tightens your skin and makes it feel immediately revitalised and alive! It’s a perfect wake up in the morning!

ZEOS For Men QU3 Face Wash

I have already reviewed the whole QU3 range which can be seen HERE.

Mr Bean Body Coffee Bean Man Scrub

Out of all the items this was the one I was most looking forward to trying! I have read and seen so many things about the coffee bean scrubs which sound amazing. I was worried it was going to ruin my white shower but YOLO I wanted to get rid of my dead skin and my god it worked! I LOVE the smell of coffee but hate the taste, so showering with this was like being in coffee heaven! My skin felt amazing after using this, felt like I had moisturiser on . . so smooth!

Percy Nobleman Signature Fragrance

I’m a massive man of miniature Eau De Toilettes as they are perfect to pop in your pocket when out for the day/night and haven’t got a John Lewis nearby to top up from the fragrance counter LOL. This particular scent is by Percy Nobleman and is a light sweet smell which is something I can defiantly se myself wearing in the spring/summer months.

I absolutely love the idea of a men’s subscription box like this, the ladies have a whole array of companies selling such boxes but for us men it’s a little more limited. What better way to try new products? Plus your box is worth so much more than the subscription fee, mine totalling to over £30!

My fave product has got to be the Mr Bean Man Scrub! FYI it goes everywhere so be prepared to clean the shower LOL!

You can either sign up to a monthly subscription at £16 per month, or a 3 month plan at £45 (saving you £1 a month) – Click HERE to get started!


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