Things I’d Tell My Teenage Self

I have just come to the realisation that by blog is slowly turning into a product/theatre/film/clothing etc. review blog! And that’s not solely what I wanted it to be. Obviously I’m not going to stop the reviews as I enjoy doing them and sharing my experience whether it be trying a new moisturiser or going to a show but I want to inject some personal posts into my blog!

I have read many blog posts on the topic of “Things I’d Tell My Teenage Self” and I really enjoy reading them, so I thought why not try it myself, as there are soooo many things I would tell myself!

I have split it into 2 sections, Pre Teen & Teenager!


  1. Do what makes YOU happy! It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks! – Just because a certain group at school thinks being a Scout isn’t cool, don’t QUIT!
  2. Do NOT follow the crowd! – Go to the youth club you have told your parents you are going too, don’t spend the entry fee on cheap cider and sit in a park smoking! It’s not big and it’s not clever! Make your own decisions.
  3. There is no such thing as a teacher’s pet! – Just because your good in school and other pupils maybe jealous, do not change your ways!
  4. Everyone is fighting their own battles – Just because you are fortunate enough to have the latest Nike trainers, it doesn’t mean you can judge other people.
  5. Would you jump off a cliff if someone told you to? – This is probably one of the most infuriating things someone could say, but so TRUE. Just because your friend has decided to drink 90% absinth, you DON’T have to! Believe me it will not end well!
  6. TRY not to fight with your parents! – Although it may not seem it at the time, they have your best interests at heart and are doing there very best to make you happy.
  7. But DO fight with your siblings – It will make you closer in the end, and to be totally honest, ITS FUN!
  8. Make NEW friends – Try to make as many new friends as possible! Put yourself out there and don’t be scared of rejection.
  9. Try NEW things – You wont know if you like it until you try in! Again a really annoying phrase but very true.
  10. NEVER think of yourself as worthless! – You have so much to give, NEVER give up no matter what anyone says or does to you. Stay strong you get through this.


  1. No job is a BAD job! – Your first job isn’t going to be your last! Who cares your only on £5 p/h your earning money!
  2. Do NOT fall for a married women! – This is a big NONO! You will only end up getting hurt, either by your emotions or by the women’s HUSBAND!
  3. Do NOT fall for a women with a boyfriend who she says she doesn’t like! – SHE IS LYING and will always end up back with him! Do not even try to change her mind!
  4. Go OUT get DRUNK & DANCE – You only have a limited time to do this until you will have to start paying bills and generally CBA to leave the sofa!
  5. Don’t get WORRIED that all your friends are finding partners and loving life! – It will happen one day, and even if it doesn’t SHIT HAPPENS.
  6. NEVER put yourself in a situation you don’t have to be in – LEAVE! It doesn’t matter what anyone says, if you don’t like it you don’t have to be there! No one will think bad of you, and if they do, you really need to think about that friendship!
  7. Start SAVING as soon as possible! – Extremely boring, but this piece of advice is vital! Money doesn’t grow on trees and you can’t live with your parents forever!
  8. Go on a “Lads” holiday (or Girls holiday) – This will be the 1 week in your life where you have NO worries what so ever, mainly because for 168 hours you are going to be DRUNK! Make bad decisions (not catastrophic ones) as like they say “Whats happens in Zante stays in Zante” BUT  . . . . do not drink the dirty pint!
  9. Spend as much time as possible with your loved ones – Although you are getting older, and seeing your grandparents isn’t as appealing as it used to be. Remember they are also getting older, spend as much time as possible with them while you have the chance.
  10. Don’t take LIFE too seriously – You only get 1 life, make it count!

All of the advice mentioned above are Things I’d Tell My Teenage Self, I could have gone on and on but these are my main ones! Can you relate to any of these? Tell me what advice you would tell your teenage self?



  1. September 9, 2016 / 11:24 am

    I would tell my teen self a few of these too! Don’t worry about fitting it, just do your thing and get on with it…

    • September 9, 2016 / 11:27 am

      If only we could go back in time! Thank you for your comment! Have a nice weekend 🙂

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