Favourite Instagram Accounts – #2

Back in November I posted my first “Favourite Instagram Accounts” so it’s about time for round 2! Instagram is one of my favourite things and I can often spend hours trawling through thousands of photos, finding inspo and generally drawling over what people are wearing or have!

I like to keep my following list small, as I like to engage as much as possible with the people I follow which I think is very important. So here we have round 2 of my “Favourite Instagram Accounts” to follow!

Ryan | Insta: RyanMules | Blog: www.RyanMules.com

Ryan is someone I connect with a lot on SM, I think we have a similar sense of humour so banter takes place A LOT! Over the past few months his Insta has turned into what I can only describe as a look book! Lets just say the images wouldn’t look out-of-place on the Vivienne Westwood website! He shoots with Mike Sutton a lot whose photos are awesome so big shout out to him too! I’m hoping to visit Cardiff soon and meet up with the boy!

Jack | Insta: Jack.Designs | Blog: www.no34.org

Jack is only appearing in my favourite Instagram accounts post because of his dog . . . haha only joking although I do want to steal his Dalmatian! Every single one of Jack’s photos are super high quality and wouldn’t look out-of-place on the Selfridges website as stock photos!

Robbie | Insta: TheMiddleAgedMan Blog: www.TheMiddleAgedMan.com

Me and Robbie started blogging at similar times, and are always in contact in one form or another so had to include him in my list of favourite Instagram accounts! I met Robbie in his hometown of Glasgow in January which was a good laugh full of GIN and I really enjoy his honest/pertinent blog posts and photo’s! I know first hand he puts his photos down which he shouldn’t as they are decent! Go follow him!

Ste | Insta: StyleFade | Blog: www.StyleFade.com

Ste has got this 3 photos post thing going on, on his Insta so his past few posts have involved 3 photos of the same outfit, trainers etc. which I really like. I would try to do the same but I take about 1,000 photos and get 1 decent one so would never get 3 decent photos to post LOL! He just needs to POST more often! Please 🙂 . . . UPDATE – hate this kid as he managed to get Yeezy’s and I didn’t!

David | Insta: YourBritishGent | Blog: www.YourBritishGent.com

David doesn’t post a lot but when he does, you know its going to be a good photo! Same with his blog, it’s definitely quality over quantity but I love his posts! Especially the food and travel ones which make me eager to get away! He recently posted about Señor Ceviche, a Peruvian restaurant and cocktail bar in Soho which I’m 100% going to try when I’m next in London!

So there we have it, my next 5 favourite Instagram accounts! I won’t leave it as long next time for part 3!

If you want to see who featured in my first post, CLICK HERE!

And obviously don’t forget to follow me on Instagram 🙂 – ModishMale



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  1. February 18, 2017 / 5:49 pm

    Ayeeeee this is the nicest you’ve ever been to me, thanks broseph!

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