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Whenever I’m in London’s West End where Thriller Live has now been for 11 years! You can’t avoid the Lyric Theatre with its glitzy Thriller Live signage out front! It’s always been a show I’ve fancied, but have never got round to seeing! That is until the show ended up in Brighton on one of its many UK Tour stops, so I had no choice but to go and see what all the fuss was about!

Produced by Derek Nicol and Paul Walden, Thriller Live plays homage to the late “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, over 2 hours of non-stop hits from pop to rock, soul to disco, his legendary music and iconic choreography make for a fantastic show!

I wasn’t really too sure what to expect from the show, whether it would have a story line and songs would naturally pop up depending on what decade we were in, or if it was just a plain and simple Michael Jackson inspired concert, and to be honest it probably sits in between both.

The show starts with Michael’s early days in The Jackson Five (however don’t expect to see a version of The Jackson Five on stage as there isn’t one) this threw me off a little, but after a while I kind of understood what was going on and that the show features a main cast of absolutely fantastic vocalists who each perform songs from the different eras of Michael Jackson.

Expect to hear some of The Jackson Five and Michael Jackson’s classic hits including, I Want You Back, ABC, Can You Feel It, Off The Wall, The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Billie Jean, Dirty Diana, Bad, Rock With You, They Don’t Care About Us, Dangerous, Thriller and many more!

The Cast
For me Jason Brock absolutely killed it! His voice is absolutely incredible (at times I was adamant that he was miming as it was just too good!) but believe me it’s all LIVE! The passion and emotion which went into each song was phenomenal! Dirty Diana was a favourite one of mine which Brock absolutely smashed!

Brooklyn born Adriana Louise makes her professional musical theatre debut in Thriller Live which I can’t even comprehend, as she looked like she had been doing it for years! I don’t think I’ve seen a female sing Michael Jackson as well as Adriana did! And her chemistry with the guys on stage was excellent.

One of my favourite MJ songs is the Earth Song, which all 4 main vocalists sung together with Joseph Thomas opening the song, which literally sent shivers down my spine. The control he has of his voice and the softness and clarity of the words was out of this world – I loved how each vocalist had a slightly different tone of voice, so when they come together WOW!

Kieran Alleyne’s rendition of Bad in the latter half of Act 2 was exceptionally, and my GOD he can dance! His moon walk was Off The Wall . . . did you see what I did there? And Britt Quentin, Vocalist & Resident Director embodied everything about MJ! His voice is exceptionally and you could really tell he is a MASSIVE Jackson fan.

The Dancers at Thriller Live were unbelievable! I was worn out just watching them, and they were literally out dancing for most of the show! Expect to see some of Jackson’s signature moves including the crotch grab, the kick, toe stand and the anti-gravity lean which had the whole audience shook (how is that even done!). It was some of the best choreography I have seen in a show, and I have seen a lot of shows! Choreography by Gary Lloyd (Director and Choreographer)

The Band featuring Musical Director Steve White, and fellow band members Tom Arnold, Johnny Copland, Ben Cullingworth, Rob Minns and Allan Salmon was sensational! The entire show live, and MJ songs are very full on! So a fantastic job by the band!

The staging (Jonathan Park) and Costumes (by Shooting Flowers) embodied Michael Jackson so well! I did initially think there were too many people on stage and it looked very busy, but after a while I got used to the hustle and bustle and thought it was excellent! The attention to detail in the staging (e.g. during one of the performances, as the vocalist walked down the stairs each step lit up like it does in the Billie Jean music video!). There were so many costumes and changes which I thought were excellent.

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed Thriller Live A LOT! I am however very sad that they didn’t perform my all-time favourite MJ song “You Are Not Alone” but its fine as I had it on in the car on my way home from the theatre!

Thriller Live is only at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 11th January 2020, so don’t miss your chance to see this absolutely fantastic tribute to the Kind of Pop himself, performed by some incredibly talented singers and dancers! Click HERE to book! Shows at 7.45pm Thursday 9th Jan and Friday 10th Jan and shows at 4pm and 8pm Saturday 11th Jan 2020!

Also be prepared for a bit of a dance at the end of the show!


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