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After its sell-out run in the West End, David Mamet’s acclaimed masterpiece Glengarry Glen Ross is touring the UK, and is currently in Brighton for a limited time!

Set in a Chicago office of cut-throat salesmen, who would do just about anything for a sale, Glengarry Glen Ross stars Denis Conway as Dave Moss, Wil Johnson as George Aaronow, Scott Sparrow as John Williamson, James Staddon as James Lingk, Zephryn Taitte as Baylen with Waterloo Road Star Mark Benton as Shelley Levene and EastEnders Nigel Harman as Ricky Roma.

The play centres around Shelley, Ricky, Dave and George all of which are real estate agents responsible for trying to sell undesirable properties by any means possible!

The first act was only 35 minutes long and was in my opinion very slow! It included 3 separate conversations with a lot of talking, but it did set the scene as to what was going on. And the set design by Chiara Stephenson was fantastic! Act 1 is in a Chinese restaurant, and it legitimately looked and felt like one.

Act 2 was a lot better, so please bear this in mind if you are mid-way through the show, thinking “I want to leave” the set changes during the interval, to another fantastic design by Stephenson of a New York office, complete with mountains of paperwork, general crap you find in the office, and signs of where the office has been broken into! All part of the story!

I especially enjoyed Denis Conway as Dave Moss, he had a scene where he must have said FUCK about 100 times which had the audience laughing, and also Will Johnson as George Aaronow was hilarious, his frequent vacant face and basic understanding of life had myself and others laughing.

For a play to have such fantastic actors, I was a little underwhelmed but act 2 did make up for the fact act 1 was very slow and dare I say a tad boring. The performances from each actor were fantastic, and all in all the play was extremely funny.

Glengarry Glen Ross is at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 27th April 2019. Shows every evening at 7.45pm, and matinee shows Thursday & Saturday 2.30pm. Click HERE to book you ticket and let me know what you think of it.

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