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Benidorm Live is one of, if not the funniest thing I have ever seen on stage! My face is actually in pain where I laughed so hard!

3. BENIDORM LIVE. Tricia Adele-Turner 'Sophie' and Company. Photo Paul Coltas.jpg

Benidorm History
No, I’m not talking about the Spanish seaside town on the Costa Blanca, I’m talking about
Benidorm the British sitcom comedy created by Derren Litten which aired on ITV from 2007-2018!

The series was a massive hit and ran for 10 series and is now ON STAGE touring the UK and Ireland putting a sunny smile on thousands of people’s faces!

The show is essentially an episode on stage, and a hilarious one at that! You can get away with so much more on stage than you can on-screen, so it’s a lot more risqué and the jokes and innuendoes are uproarious! I pray to god they tour again next year with a new story, as it would be a MASSIVE shame for Benidorm to end completely!

1. BENIDORM LIVE. Tony Maudsley 'Kenneth', Shelley Longworth 'Sam', Damian Williams 'Derek', Janine Duvitski 'Jacqueline', Adam Gillen 'Liam'. Photo Paul Coltas

The show features Benidorm veterans Jake Canuso (as lothario Mateo) and Janine Duvitski (as sex mad swinger Jacqueline) along with Adam Gillen (as Liam), Sherrie Hewson (as the legend that is Joyce Temple-Savage), Shelley Longworth (as Sam), Tony Maudsley (Blow ‘n’ Goes Kenneth) and Asa Elliott as himself, the Benidorm cabaret singer!

The Story
Husband and snotty wife, Ben and Sophie (played by Bradley Clarkson and Tricia Adele-Turner) are on holiday in Spain when there 4-star hotel in Altea ends up being overbooked so they find themselves at the Solana hotel for a 2-night stay!

4. BENIDORM LIVE. Tricia Adele-Turner 'Sophie' and Will Jennings 'Ricky'. Photo Paul Coltas

The hotel is not up to Sophie’s standards, and she is horrified with what the guests and staff get up to at the 3-star Solano!

On top of this, the Solano is at risk of being closed down by the new hotel owners and all the staff are at risk of losing their jobs! So, when they hear that a hotel inspector is at the Solano, they all work together to put on a spectacular cabaret show, to prove they are worthy of keeping their jobs!

I have always loved Jacqueline as a character, and actress Janine Duvitski does not disappoint! How she keeps a straight face during some of her scenes I’ll never know!

Also the scene between Kenneth (Tony Maudsley) and Gay Derek (Damian Williams) nearly made me cry with laughter! I cannot put into words how funny this scene and the whole show was! – it really is a MUST SEE!

Mateo played by Jake Canuso was a crowd favourite! He is just as greasy and sleazy in the stage version as he was on TV! He also becomes a flamenco dancer for the final Solano cabaret!

8. BENIDORM LIVE. Jake Canuso 'Mateo' and Tricia Adele-Turner 'Sophie'. Photo Paul Coltas

Adam Gillen (as Liam) and Shelley Longworth (as Sam) both took to the mic at Neptune’s! Liam’s was more of a comedy performance, but Sam’s rendition of Faith Hill’s There You’ll Be was fantastic! And Sherrie Hewson (as the legend that is Joyce Temple-Savage) was simply amazing . . as she is in the TV show, its her facial expressions which are effortlessly perfect in every way!

13. BENIDORM LIVE. Adam Gillen 'Liam' and Shelley Longworth 'Sam'. Photo Paul Coltas.jpg

If you’re a fan of the show, or just love to laugh, then Benidorm is 100% for you! It literally has something for everyone, and every single joke and gag is executed so well!

The show received a standing ovation by many, which was massively deserved! Bringing a TV show to stage is a massive challenge, a challenge well worth taking as its fantastic.

Benidorm Live is at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 2nd March 2019. Shows every evening at 7.45pm, and matinee shows Thursday & Saturday 2.30pm. Click HERE to book your tickets now!

☆☆☆☆☆ – 5 Stars from Modish Male


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