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If you’re looking for a high energy romantic comedy musical then Crazy For You is definitely up your street! The talent of the cast was unreal! So many instruments were being played at one time, sticks being thrown to each-other, hanging from ropes! So many times things could have gone wrong but they didn’t and it was a fantastic show!

Bobby played by Tom Chambers is the son of a wealthy New York banking family who is tasked with closing down a rundown theatre is Deadrock, Nevada due to defaulted mortgage payments! When he arrives instead of shutting the theatre down he puts together a show to hopefully save the theatre from ruin!

Little does Bobby know that whilst he’s in Nevada and his fiancée Irene played by Claire Sweeney is at home in New York he was about to fall for the theatre owners daughter Polly played by Charlotte Wakfield but will Polly feel the same way about him? Or will a mistaken identity ruin Bobby’s chances in bagging the girl of his dreams?

I took my mum with me to see the show, and she LOVED it! She is in her 50s so knew all the songs! I only recognised a few but these include I Got Rhythm, They Can’t Take That Away From Me, Nice Work If You Can Get It and Embraceable You.

Tom Chambers was fantastic as Bobby! We were a few rows from the front and in the first scene Tom came  through the audience to the stage, tap dancing, singing and being hilarious! When he was mimicking Bela Zangler I couldn’t help but think he reminded me of Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther! So many funny scenes which had the audience in stitches! The man next to me was having a whale of a time!

I did now know Claire Sweeney could sing or dance! The Loose Women presenter has a number in the show which she smashed! Also she is looking GOOOOD! First of all her character Irene kept coming out for odd scenes, so I thought maybe that’s all her involvement was but later on in the show you will see her big performance!

Charlotte Wakefield took the role of Polly in her stride and looked natural and at home with the character! Again this character had a few funny scenes, and the will they won’t they relationship Polly has with Bobby is great to see roll out.

The whole cast was fantastic and so multitalented! Ned Rudkins-Stow who played Moose was one of my favourites! The 1 liners he kept coming out with were great! But as I said the whole cast were fantastic! It’s such a fast paced show, something is always happening.

I highly recommend you see this show! Fun for the whole family, especially the mums of the world!

Crazy For You is at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 2nd June with performances every evening at 7.45pm and Matinees on Thursday & Saturday at 2.30pm. Click HERE to book!

FYI Tom Chambers will not be performing in Crazy For You on Friday 1st June & Saturday 2nd June.


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