5 Things I’ve learnt since Moving Out!

If you follow me on any kind of Social Media you will know by now that I moved out of my family home in December! And now live alone . . . it’s been over 4 months now and I’m still alive and have learnt a lot along the way! Here are 5 things which stand out for me!

It’s not wise to start roasting vegetables at midnight with no timer on the cooker . . .

Because you will wake up 4 hours later to the smell of burning and a kitchen full of smoke!

Not sure what annoyed me the most, nearly setting fire to my flat, burning my lunch for the week or ruining my new baking tray! Either way it was a stupid thing to do which I will NEVER do again . . . or at least next time will use the timer on my oven!

It’s pointless putting bottled water in your Brita Water Filter!

Yes that’s right, yesterday when I was filling my Brita up I noticed that I needed a new filter (another one!) then thought to myself what the FUCK am I actually doing . . For 3 months I have been putting bottled water into my Brita jug. . So basically I’m filtering filtered water! And at a great expense of £1.49 per Fiji water from Waitrose!

Goodbye bottled water and hello tap water in my Brita!

Electricity is bloody expensive!

I thought I was being clever by spending thousands on a new radiator system for my flat when I moved in (it’s an electric only flat) but it turns out no matter how echo friendly your heating system is, having them on for 15 hours a day for 3 months solidly will cost you a fortune! £690 for 3 months to be precise!

I think back on those months now and think WHY was I so stupid! At some points my flat was so hot I had to have the windows open! I was just too lazy to sort the timers out! Either way a vital lesson has been learnt and the radiators are now off . . . . . For the time being but the timers are now set for when I do turn them back on!

Eggs do not last forever, and will 100% explode in your fridge!

I don’t know why but I thought eggs would have had a very long shelf life! But as I found out one morning when getting a smoothie out of my fridge, they fucking EXPLODE when off!

I didn’t know what was going on in my fridge; it was just a puddle of slime! I then realised it was coming from my egg carton (organic of course!) all of the eggs had exploded or cracked! I was bloody fuming and had to call my mum! Turns out eggs don’t last forever.

Read your washing machine manual before use!

Not going to lie, before I moved out of my family home I rarely (never) did washing and didn’t even know how to use the washing machine! So living alone was going to be a challenge!

Washing was piling up so I knew it was time to do the dreaded wash! Thought I would do a trial run with a few tea towels . . . the little squishy tablet thing got stuck to the fucking door and the cycle took around 5 hours! YEP 5 HOURS! The next few washes again were taking forever and I managed to put it on some kind of setting which basically set fire to my clothes! But after reading the manual (ok my mum reading the manual) and putting it on the correct setting, which I have never changed since and even took a photo of! I could now basically work in a launderette as I’m a pro!

So there we have 5 Things I’ve learnt since Moving Out! I’m only 3 months in so I’m sure this isn’t going to be the last Things I’ve learnt since Moving Out post!


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