Jane Eyre | Theatre Royal Brighton

Last night I attended the press night of Bristol Old Vic’s production of Jane Eyre at the Theatre Royal Brighton. I had no clue what the story was about so was super excited for the show!

I didn’t know what to expect but I’ve got to say the show was fantastic! A visual masterpiece! Melanie Marshall made the show for me! Her voice is outstanding (the type of music I listen to when trying to get to sleep, super soft and relaxing. 

Along with Marshalls incredible voice, the live band on stage added super suspense to the show and also sang vocals during and in between scenes which were excellent. 

At one point I did think I was watching a fifty shades film as Jane Eyre was ordered to the RED ROOM! But thankfully this red room was not as graphic as Mr Grey’s LOL. 

Jane was played by Nadia Clifford who was fantastic! I don’t know where Nadia is from but her accent for Jane was excellent. I was scared of her on a few occasions (young Jane is very angry in the show!). 

Most of the actors played several roles, Lynda Rooke played the roles of Mrs Reed (Jane’s vile aunt who she lived with as a child) and Mrs Fairfax (housekeeper at Thornfield Hall where Jane was governess) both characters completely different and I don’t know how she managed to keep track of who she was! BRAVO! 👏🏼

The staging was very very basic and I did wonder how they were going to make it work, but they did! Instead of having physical items e.g. a train carriage, the actors came together to create the effect of a moving train (sounds and all) this carried on throughout. Instead of an actual door slamming they used there feet to stamp and make that effect which I thought was such a great. 

Carrying on the theme of improvisation I need to mention actor Paul Mundell who played many characters throughout the show one being Pilot the dog! 🐶 No dog costume required but a middle aged man panting, acting like a dog and using some kind of prop to make a wagging tale! May sound odd but it was very effective!

Also lighting and fire played a big role in the show. Creating the illusion of a mirror I found fascinating, and the live fire on stage surprised everyone. 

The show finished with a standing ovation from most of the audience and the classic “WOOHOOOO” to congratulate the actors on a great opening night in Brighton. 

Jane Eyre is at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 29th August with shows every evening at 7:15pm with matinee shows on Thursday & Saturday at 2pm. Click here to book!


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