The Play That Goes Wrong Review

For years now I’ve read about these restaurants and shows you can go to where they purposely drop things and do things to make you laugh so I was super excited when I found out that The Play That Goes Wrong was coming to the Theatre Royal Brighton!

I love a good Comedy and the show actually featured in the 2015 Royal Variety Performance so if it’s good enough for the royals then it’s good enough for me!

What’s it about?

The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society are putting on a 1920s murder mystery play called The Murder At Haversham Manor but as the title of the shows suggests, not everything goes to plan!

From the outset things went wrong! I didn’t realise and I’m sure most of the packed out audience didn’t realise that the show had actually started, when what looked like to be the theatre runners (people who move the props around in between scenes) came on stage to get things ready, before the lights would dim and the show start but no! The comedy started straight away with a hilarious scene featuring Gabriel Paul and Catherine Dryden and it also involved a member of the audience getting involved (don’t worry that was the only part of audience participation)

Perkins (the butler) played by Benjamin McMahon was probably my favourite character! At times he reminded me of a young Lee Evans and was truly hilarious! The awkwardness of his character and how he messed up every scene was comic to watch!

Another highlight for me was the character Florence Colleymore played by understudy Laura White! The character kept having ‘episodes’ which were so OTT the entire audience were in stitches – Florence also ended up getting herself knocked out several times throughout the show and got herself into some tricky situations!

The scene featuring the deceased Charles Haversham played by Steven Constance literally made my sides hurt! I had a look on YouTube and the scene shown at the Royal Variety performance was this exact one (with a different cast) you really should check it out!

The entire cast were excellent! It must be so difficult to be so bad! Some of the scenes involved the cast getting there lines mixed up and saying lines the wrong way round which to me would be impossible to do! So my hat goes off to each of the actors involved for putting on such a great show and making that audience laugh so much!

In my reviews I normally talk about the staging and what high tech wizardry was used during the show to make it look so amazing, and this shows review isn’t any different! The time and planning which must have gone into getting the shows tricks and disasters in place must have been huge! Also I noticed timing was key during the ‘mistakes’ so when someone would walk in, something would happen etc. and from what I could see it all went wrong so right!

This has been an odd one to review, as I’m essentially saying how great a show which was full of error and disaster was! But that’s what it is! It’s The Play That Goes Wrong which it certainly did and I would 100% recommend this as one to watch! Definitely suitable for families (it’s not rude, it’s more slap stick and LOL)

The Play That Goes Wrong is at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 1st September 2018 with shows at 7.30pm every evening, and matinees Thursday and Saturday at 2.30pm. Click HERE to book your tickets and don’t miss The Play That Goes Wrong!

If you do end up seeing the show and loving it as much as I did! You’ll be happy to know that the creators of The Play That Goes Wrong have another show coming to the Theatre Royal Brighton in November called The Comedy About A Bank Robbery which I can’t wait to see!


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