5 Products to Help Get Rid of Under Eye Circles

Something I really struggle with is dark under eye circles and tired eyes! There are many explanations as to why these may form, from nasal congestion to sleep deprivation it all adds up to leave you with these horrible dark circles! For me working 3 jobs I’m constantly tired and never get to bed until at least 1am so never have my recommended amount of sleep. I try to combat these pesky circles by drinking a lot of water (still need to drink more) and by using a variety of products which all have different benefits.

Eye creams have always been a staple in my skincare routine but over time and as I’ve got busier in life I have needed to adjust what I use to suit my skin. I know a lot of men are now using concealers to hide blemishes and dark circles which I may look into in the future. For a super educational video on covering up dark under eye circles with makeup on a man check out this video by skincare guru James Welsh and his makeup artist brother Robert. James posts weekly videos all about skincare so make sure you subscribe!

*Gentlemen’s Tonic Derma Care Revitalise Eye Cream 30ml | £89.00

I hadn’t heard of Gentlemen’s Tonic until I met Amanda who works for GT at the Vuelio Blog awards in November! Amanda explained who GT were and what they were all about and so kindly sent me a few products, 1 being this eye cream! I have been using it ever since and must say the triple action strength eye cream really does help stimulate the circulation around your under eyes and helps with dark circles and puffiness. Click here to purchase.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye Cream 15ml | £25.50

You will have seen this product in my Kiehls Skincare Routine post! I LOVE Kiehls and use several products 1 of them being this Midnight Recovery Eye Cream which as the name suggests I apply just before bed so it works its magic overnight! It’s been specifically formulated for the under-eyes to achieve fresher, younger looking eyes! Click here to purchase.

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado 14ml | £20.00-£33.50

Again this is another item featured in my Kiehls Skincare Routine post and is more of a nourishing eye moisturiser rather than fast acting WAKE UP cream! I use it when im run down or when I feel my under eyes are a little dry as it’s a great way to keep your under eyes hydrated! But please do NOT I repeat do NOT taste the cream thinking it will taste like Avocado! It doesn’t! Click here to purchase.

Clinique For Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel 15ml | £24.00

I have been using this award-winning product for several years now and must say it’s one of my firm favourites! Such a quick fix! The rollerball applicator is super easy to use and you can literally feel the skin around your eyes tightening. I tend to use this when I have extremely tired looking eyes! I literally apply a layer under the eyes and leave it to soak in (not sure your meant to do this, but it works for me) also it lasts for AGES! Click here to purchase.

*Aromatherapy Associates Refinery Eye Gel 15ml | £31.00

Relatively new to my collection is the eye gel by Aromatherapy Associates which features aloe vera which is great for the skin and especially the under eyes, helping to reduce puffiness. This gel in  particular features rose-hip seed oil and is meant to strengthen the delicate eye area which is great! I must say a little goes a very long way and the gel is quite runny so only use the smallest amount if you purchase! Click here to purchase.

So there we have it! My 5 under eye products which I currently use! Do you use any of the same products? Or have any recommendations for me to try as I’m always looking to try new things!



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