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“Dark, Seductive & Hauntingly Beautiful! Everything you would expect from director Tom FordModish Male

If you follow me on twitter you will know by now that I’m an avid cinema goer and see most things! And Nocturnal Animals is one of the films I have been looking forward to all year! The trailers looked absolutely stunning and the story itself dark and mesmerising.

This psychological thriller is based on the 1993 novel Tony and Susan by author Austin Wright, the book has been re-released and titled Nocturnal Animals to tie-in with the film, which I have just purchased from Amazon! If the book is anything like the film then I can’t wait to get reading!

On the surface Susan Morrow (Amy Adams) looks like she has it all, the successful Los Angeles art-gallery, a dashingly handsome husband (Armie Hammer), a daughter, a great career and a lovely home . . . but deep down something is missing. While her husband is away on business she is sent a manuscript written by her first husband and love of her life Edward Sheffield (Jake Gyllenhaal) titled Nocturnal Animals which is also dedicated to her. It would seem when Susan and Edward were a couple he would refer to her as a Nocturnal Animal due to her sleeping patterns.

The manuscript tells the story of teacher Tony Hastings (also Jake Gyllenhaal) and his family; daughter India (Ellie Bamber) and wife Laura (Isla Fisher) who’s family trip turns into a living nightmare when they are hijacked while on a deserted outback road. Watch as Susan reads the book and looks back at her own life, mistakes and dark truths she must confront.

The film is essentially three stories, running side my side; present time with Susan receiving the manuscript and reading it, the manuscript story itself which also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson as hijacker Ray Marcus & Michael Shannon as Detective Bobby Andes and finally 20 years ago when Susan and Edward were a couple. It’s so effortlessly done and there is no confusion throughout! Which is rare for this type of film.

I could not fault this film what so ever, everything worked! The cinematography, the use of lighting, the sets, the clothing, the sound, the silence, the music everything about this film was perfect. It truly is a masterpiece and is so much more than a film. Its ART! Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal were absolutely phenomenal in their performances and the whole audience was fixated with what was going on, on-screen.

You can definitely tell Tom Ford has been heavily involved in with this film, from the clothing/makeup to the opening sequence of the film it just screams TOM FORD! An absolute sensational second film by director, producer & writer FORD!

I would highly suggest catching this in cinemas as soon as you can! The DVD will not do it justice!

Released in the UK – 4th November 2016


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