Smart Phone on a Budget – Alcatel POP 4

If someone was to ask you to name a smart phone I’m sure most of you would say Apple iPhone or some kind of Samsung Galaxy . . . am I right?

Apple and Samsung do not have the monopoly on Smart Phones and so many other more affordable tech brands have phones just as good, so today I am going to be speaking about the Alcatel POP 4.

A Smart Phone for £69.99! How is that even possible? Well it is!

Not everyone has the luxury of spending hundreds of pounds on a phone so I personally think its great that these smaller tech brands have a slice of the Smart Phone market! What a perfect phone to get a teen as there first phone? Its everything they could wish for plus isn’t going to break the parents bank!

Powered by Android the Alcatel POP 4 was super easy to set up, a very intuitive step by step process which was completed within 5 minutes. Less than 8mm thin and with its curved design the POP 4 looks super stylish in UV Slate or Hairline Brushed Metal (UV Slate pictured)

8GB internal storage which may not seem a lot but the phone does feature a micro SD slot, so you can bump this up with a 32GB micro SD which gives you a massive 40GB in total! Plenty of storage for those selfies, music and videos of your cat doing funny things!

For the selfie lovers this phone has a front facing 5 megapixel camera with flash AND a face beauty mode to get rid of those nasty blemishes! And for the photo enthusiasts the 8 megapixel main camera is really really good and also features a flash.

Whats In The Box?

Alcatel POP 4
USB Charger Cable
Charging Plug

And probably the BEST thing I would say about this phone is its battery life! Nothing worse than having to re charge your smart phone numerous times a day but with the POP 4 this isn’t necessary! With over 15 hours of talk time battery you could easily get a days use out of the POP 4! And even if you did need to charge the POP 4 has a special “Quick Charge” option which allows you to charge your phone unto 50% in just 30 minutes!

For its price the POP 4 is a massive bargain in my eyes! As I said its perfect for a teens first phone, and due to its battery life it would make a great work phone. I’m going to start using it as my work phone as the calendar and email functions on the POP 4 are excellent.

You can purchase the Alcatel POP 4 on Amazon for a mere £69.99! That’s a whole lotta phone for the price!

Also if you’re wondering what I’m wearing? Then wonder no more! Click here here to find out!


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