The Mikado | Theatre Royal Brighton 

So last night I was invited to the press night of The Mikado at the Theatre Royal Brighton . . . After some research online I found out that The Mikado is an old opera. I hadn’t ever been to the opera, nor had my mum who I always take as my plus one so we were very intrigued. 

Within the first 5 minutes we did look at each other with a WTF facial expression, but after a while we kind of got used to what was going on. It’s essentially an all male comedy opera! So the majority of the characters were female, and as I said the entire cast were male so this was funny in itself seeing them all portraying young girls.

There were 5 main characters Nanki-Poo (Richard Monday), Pitti-Sing (Jamie Jukes), Peep-Bo (Richard Russell Edwards), Ko-Ko (David McKechnie) & Yum Yum (Alan Richardson). Throughout the show I kept thinking to myself I recognised the actor who played Yum-Yum and after looking in my programme I noticed he was in Chicago which I reviewed a while ago.

Richardson, Jukes & Russell’s rendition of ‘Three Little Maids From School We Are’ was hilarious, the whole audience was laughing. Jamie’s Jukes and Richard Russell Edwards characters Pitti-Sing & Peep-Bo were comedy gold! Perfectly executed one liners. 

Also I can’t talk about this production of The Mikado without mentioning Alan Richardson’s voice! He plays lead role as Yum-Yum and literally if you close your eyes and listen to him, you would think you’re at the royal opera. His operatic singing voice is fantastic plus he was also ridiculously funny. 

The Mikado is at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 17th June 2017, with shows every evening at 7:45pm and 2 matinees Thurs/Sat at 2.30pm. Click here to book tickets. 


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