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I’ve been lucky enough to see Blood Brothers three times now! Once when I was a teen, again a few years ago and last night, which was the BEST yet!

This is another Bill Kenwright production, and honestly this man can do no wrong! Every show he produces I seem to LOVE!

I absolutely love the Blood Brothers story; it’s powerful, emotional and timeless. The story revolves around the Johnstone twins, who are separated at birth (Mickey who is kept by his mother and Eddie who is given away to a mother who can’t have children) but later in life, find each other and become Blood Brothers.

I’ve had the original 1995 London cast recording of Blood Brothers on in the office today, as the songs are fantastic. It’s truly one of my favourite musicals.

Lyn Paul plays the lead role of Mrs. Johnstone, a role she’s played on/off since 1997! She was absolutely sensational in this role, the emotion which Paul puts into her performance is astounding, the final scene involved so much emotion from all actors which didn’t go unnoticed, so many of the audience were in tears, I even had the feels! The song Tell Me It’s Not True performed at the end of the show is my favourite – you can see the emotion which goes into the performance as Paul had to wipe away tears as the show closed.

The fantastic Lyn Paul as Mrs Johnstone

One of the many things I LOVE about Blood Brothers is how prominent the Narrator is, who is played by Robbie Scotcher. The Narrator definitely brings that element of drama to the show, and ensures the audience are following the story as it should be followed. The Narrator is also included in several songs, and pops up in various parts of the show. Scotcher was fantastic in this role.

The Johnstone twins are played by Alexander Patmore (Mickey) and Joel Benedict (Eddie) each of them playing completely opposite roles. Mickey is from the rough side of town, has multiple siblings and a mother who can’t afford to put food on the table, whereas Eddie is the “Posh” boy with a mother who doesn’t need to work as his father brings home the bacon, but ultimately they have a bond, a twin bond which can never be broken.

Press Photo – *not actors in the show*

Patmore and Benedict brought both laughs and emotion to their respective roles, again in the final scene where the show concludes being there most dramatic and emotional scene which in my opinion is one of, if not the best final scene of a show EVER, so many times you leave the theatre and think well that could have ended better, but not this show, this show gives you a beginning, middle and end.

Linda played by Danielle Corlass is Mickeys friend, and later becomes a love interested for both the twins. I loved her scenes, especially when the show fast-forward several years and the twins and Lind are now in High School. Corlass definitely added a few laughs to the show, and gave a raw and emotional performance at the end.

Eddies parents are played by Paula Tappenden and Tim Churchill, the role of Mrs Lyons was a very sad one, unable to get pregnant, scared of losing the child she had been given and really struggling to get by. I thought Tappenden  portrayed this character very well. It’s also very interesting to see the different dynamics of the families on stage. A wealthy well to do family who are unhappy and miserable and a poor family full of love and fun!

The staging hasn’t really changed over the years; it’s simple yet effective and consists of a street view with brick front and front doors. It really works, plus the dramatic lighting and orchestra really brings the whole thing together. I sometimes get bored if a stage doesn’t change, but I didn’t during Blood Brothers which is when you know it’s a great show! I think even if the stage was bear with no props, it would be a fantastic show!

As I mentioned before, Lyn Paul has played the role of Mrs. Johnstone on/off since 1997! However this is her farewell tour so do NOT miss the opportunity to see how fantastic she is in this role! I am so glad I have been able to see her in what is her last few months of playing the fantastic character that is Mrs. Johnstone.

Blood Brothers isn’t like any other musical, its raw, its emotional, its happy, it’s sad, you will feel every emotion while watching this show but that’s what makes it great!

Blood Brothers is at the Theatre Royal Brighton until Saturday 8th February 2020, it’s the best show I’ve seen so far in 2020 and I urge you to book tickets ASAP! Even if you’ve seen it before, you need to Lyn Paul as Mrs. Johnstone before it’s too late! Click HERE to book! Shows every evening at 7.45pm, and matinee shows Thursday & Saturday at 2.30pm.

*Gifted Tickets*


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